Breaking Through Barriers

MUSE was founded in 2007 to ensure that disabled children and young people can access exceptional music making experiences, develop their musical skill and talent, and to challenge negative public perceptions of disabled people.

As well as providing exceptional musical experiences for children and young people, we also investigate the different ways in which these same tools and techniques can be used within broader educational contexts. Our focus here is on the creative use of technology, music and multimedia to bring about new, imaginative ways of improving educational provision.

Our team has an excellent track record in delivering a variety of different services.  From exceptional musical service delivery, through to innovative research and development and comprehensive training and consultancy – there are many ways in which we can help institutes, organisations, teachers and young people break down disabling barriers to music making.


Recent Projects

Listening Aloud
Listening Aloud

Music can have a special value for many young people with

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The MUSE Project are proud to represent the Sounds of Intent


LooperDooper can help pretty much anyone make music including disabled musicians


Music Used in Special Education Information Center - a free online